Coffee (& Ice Cream) Shop

There is no go-to coffee shop in Atlantic City, so we’re going to build one ourselves on Tennessee Ave. In addition to coffee (and baked goods we source), we’re going to serve homemade artisanal ice cream. The shop will play a critical role in our burgeoning ecosystem.

Z & I don’t have any hands-on experience in food & beverage, but Mark (our business partner) has opened three successful restaurants. We’re going to lean on his experience and that of our network locally (and elsewhere) to offset our lack of experience.

We’re committed to focusing on quality and community, blending vintage Atlantic City touches with a modern look. We want our guests to know they’re in Atlantic City but feel like they’re in a place that could make it in New York or Philly.

We’re starting to dig into the weeds, which includes branding, interior design, coffee equipment, food/beverage purveyors, and city logistics. The project plan is intense, and it has to be to hit our aggressive launch date: Fall 2017.

Authentic City Partners