It took us only thirty-eight words to explain what we’re gonna do, but to legally do it - well that’s a totally different story. We knew this, so before the ink was even dry on our Mission Statement we had already reached out to a good friend of ours (that just happens to be an attorney) for some professional guidance.

After some initial conversations, we agreed that a Limited Liability Corporation (“LLC”) was the most appropriate legal structure for what we are trying to do. In order to file the LLC we also needed to crank through the following:

  • Draft and sign an official, legally binding Operating Agreement (25 pages)

  • Register with the IRS for our Employer Identification Number (“EIN”)  

  • File a Certification of Formation with the NJ Department of the Treasury

  • Register with NJ Business Registration Services

Now that we got the housekeeping stuff out of the way…


Authentic City Partners