There were plenty of reasons that led to our eventual partnership: trust, loyalty, and mutual respect (just to name a few). However, it is the shared vision that Evan and I have of Atlantic City that ultimately made it a no brainer.

After years of having traveled, worked, and lived in cities around the world we both have gained a great love for diversity. We recognized how vital it is to personal fulfillment and enrichment and to the overall success of a city, regardless of size. I think that's what eventually drew us both back to our hometown. The diversity, and more importantly the chance to help connect the dots and help the city realize its full potential.

That’s why when crafting our vision statement we kept diversity the central theme - because we both know it has to be. Our vision of Atlantic City is not just based on what it once was. It's about what this great, diverse city was destined for…

The heartbeat of Atlantic City is its diversity.People from around the world — with different talents & dreams — live, work and play here. We don't just recognize that; we celebrate it.

We envision our neighbors and guests celebrating Atlantic City’s rich culture, storied history, and fun-loving spirit. Our dream is to lead Atlantic City’s renaissance by uniting our city — proving that the best is yet to come.



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