We’d never built a website before, but we’d been told by friends that are professionals that it’s a whole lot easier these days than ever before because of a beautiful invention: website templates.

We did not find this to be the case -- at least not at first. Our original template was ridiculously complicated and quite possibly broken. We figured it was because we didn’t know what we were doing (which we didn’t), but after calling in a friend that builds websites for a living and a few wasted hours on tech support calls we learned that it really wasn’t (just) us.

We decided to ditch the first template, quickly found a new one that we liked and worked with our buddy to get the WordPress backend up and running in 15 minutes. It took a LOT longer to create the content and tweak the frontend to the way we liked it -- likely 30-40 man hours. We’re still not 100%, but we like it enough to go live.

In spite of all the annoying back and forth with the original template we’re now believers that anyone with a little computer savvy can build a simple, template-based website.

Authentic City Partners